High Poly and Low Poly in 3D Product Modeling

You’ll hear the terms “high poly” and “low poly” when you’re working with 3D models. Both are important for different reasons. In this guide, we’ll explore the differences between them and where each of them is used in 3D modeling, as well as how to make your own high-quality models from scratch.

What is Low Poly?

Low poly is a type of digital art and modeling that became popular in the graphics community during the early days of computer graphics. The term “low poly” is used to describe a 3D model with polygons less than a certain value, usually 10,000. A good low-poly model should have enough polygons for the object to be recognizable but not too many to make it look like a triangle shape.

Low Poly 3d Modeling

Low poly modeling is the process of creating a 3D model with a low number of polygons. This technique is often used in game development, where the goal is to create as much detail as possible without using too many polygons. To achieve this effect, you need to be familiar with three important concepts: smoothing groups, edge loops, and subdivision surfaces.

What is High Poly?

In 3D modeling, High Poly refers to a model that has many polygons. It is often used in video games and other computer graphics as it allows for more realistic-looking models. However, this technique is not widely used in real-world modeling because it is too expensive and time-consuming to create such high poly models. In addition, these types of models are usually not very practical for everyday use since they take up a lot of memory space on your computer or smartphone device.

High Poly 3D Modeling

The terms high poly and low poly are familiar terms in the 3D modeling industry. If you are looking for a career as a 3D modeler, then it is important for you to understand what these two terms mean and how they should be used. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at what these two types of models are and why they are important.

Difference between High and Low Poly?

There are a few differences between high poly and low poly. Now we see the difference between them in 3d modeling.

Low Poly
High Poly
  • Less detailed
  • Fewer polygons
  • Low poly is better for movies.
  • It doesn’t need as many details as high poly does. Low poly looks great when you use simple shapes with few polygons
  • Low-poly is great for creating stylized environments and characters that look like they belong in some kind of comic book or cartoon. Low-poly is also faster and easier to animate than high-poly games—but if you’re looking for realism, then stick with using high-poly models!
  • More detailed
  • More polygons
  • High poly is better for close-ups and long shots.
  • It has a lot of details and it looks really good in 3D modeling. It’s also more suitable for games since they have to have a lot of polygons to make it look good.
  • If your game has a lot of characters and environments that need to be detailed, then high-poly might be the way to go.

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